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We are friends, that defines who we are as a guild. We work together, progressing our relationships, as well as the characters we play. It is our belief that this philosophy, coupled with, maturity and respect, is what makes US a sucsessful guild. The rewards we have collected so far are only the beginning and pale in comparison to what we will become.

-Chieva/Killerwhale - proud Vice GM of Dream Team

Hi Everybody, we are very pleased to welcome you all on our new Website.

We hope that you will find this guild a nice place to play, progress, make new relationship, and contribute to the success of our beloved Dream Team.

Our goal is oriented toward end game run. 
Team Works and Respect are the two first major values that is required to be able to build a True and Solid relationship inside this guild.

With time dedication, perseverance, kindness, honesty and trust are all other values in which i believe and we hope we will be able to count on your loyalty to make this guild one of the BEST because of your contribution and your devotion.

We will put all the Effort nescessary to make this place feel like home... where you will feel that you are part of a real family.

Thanks again to all of you ... see you in game... keep going!!!

- Xceed (Guild Master)

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Cataclysm - What Character is going to be your Main?

Killerwhale1985, Oct 19, 10 1:24 PM.
We're going to want to start getting down a record of who will be what. So when cata hits, and we all hit 85 We'll know what classes we're shot of.  For raiding of course. Look in the member forums! and post what role you'd like to play.

To all current members registering

Killerwhale1985, Sep 18, 10 7:51 AM.
after you pick your username (try to pick your main chr name for username but if its taken use something else)
don't forget to add your characters you play in the 2nd section when you register.

thank you. - Chieva / Killerwhale.
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Gnomeregan (PvE)
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You can download Ventrilo at its required to raid, also DBM (Deadly boss mod) for that. Required for raiding, don't have it. Don't get in the raid. Ventrilo server info IP Port 23821
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Holy (5)
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Assassination (4)
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Subtlety (3)
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Protection (4)
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